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A tide of black steel

Ryan, Anthony2024
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The land of Ascarlia, a fabled realm of bloodied steel and epic sagas, has been ruled by the Sister Queens for centuries. No one has dared question their rule. Until now. Whispers speak of longships of mysterious tattooed warriors, sailing under the banners of a murderous cult of oath-breakers long thought extinct. A tide of black steel that threatens to vanquish all in its path. Thera of the Blackspear, favoured servant of the Sister Queens, is ordered to uncover the truth. As Thera sails north, her reviled brother, Felnir, sets out on his own adventure. He hopes to find the Vault of the Altvar - the treasure room of the gods - and win the Sister Queens' favour at his sister's expense. Both siblings - along with a brilliant young scribe and a prisoner with a terrifying, primal power - will play a part in the coming storm.
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A tide of black steel / Anthony Ryan.
London : Orbit, 2024.
528 pages ; 24 cm
9780356522807 (hbk)
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