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Dead fall

Turner, A. K.2024
Books, Manuscripts
Being attuned to the last thoughts of the dead is a gift - but also a curse. Talented yet troubled, singer-songwriter Bronte was hailed as the next big thing - until she threw herself off her tenth-floor balcony. Hyper-intuitive mortuary technician Cassie Raven is shocked to see Bronte turn up on her autopsy table. The two of them were classmates until an incident that prompted Bronte's sudden exit from school, which has haunted Cassie for years. Bronte was battling personal demons and paparazzi alike, but she was on the brink of international stardom. Why would she kill herself? Amid frenzied speculation by the tabloids and online 'detectives', Cassie finds herself drawn dangerously deep into Bronte's personal life - her warring parents, her druggie boyfriend, and the sharks that cruise the music biz. To make amends now and avoid Bronte's fate, Cassie must work out who to trust - and who to fear.
Main title:
Dead fall / A.K. Turner.
London : Zaffre, 2024.
334 pages ; 20 cm
Series title:
9781804181591 (pbk)
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FT Pbk
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