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Bloodshed on the boards

Leigh, Judy2024
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When The Spriggan Travelling Theatre Company arrives in Seal Bay to perform a Cornish version of King Arthur on the beach, Morwenna realises that octogenarian actor Daniel Kitto is not the most popular member of the cast. He owns the company, cuts a dashing figure in his yellow sports car and wins the heart of Morwenna's mother, Lamorna. But his role of Uther Pendragon on the opening night is to be his swan song, as he collapses during the dying moments of the performance in a pool of fake blood. DC Rick Tremayne believes that Daniel has had a heart attack and he is not interested in investigating the case further, but Morwenna's early amateur sleuthing suggests that he has made a grave error of judgement. She suspects that one member of the cast is behind his murder, but which of them is it? With help from PC Jane Choy and her tabby cat Brenda, Morwenna determines to discover who is behind the murder.
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Leigh, Judy, author
London : Boldwood, 2024.
294 pages ; 20 cm.
9781837514687 (pbk)
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