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For you and only you

Kepnes, Caroline2024
Books, Manuscripts
Joe Goldberg is ready for a change. Instead of selling books, he's writing them. And he's off to a good start. Glenn Shoddy, an acclaimed literary author, recognises Joe's genius and invites him to join a tight-knit writing fellowship at Harvard. Finally, Joe will be in a place where talent matters more than pedigree - where intellect is the great equaliser and anything is possible. Even happy endings. Or so he thinks, until he meets his already-published, already-distinguished peers, who all seem to be cut from the same privileged cloth. Thankfully, Wonder enters the picture. They have so much in common. No college degrees, no pretensions, no stories from prep school or grad school. Just a love for literature. If only Wonder could commit herself to the writing life they could be those rare literary soulmates who never fall prey to their demons. There is so much they're up against.
Main title:
For you and only you / Caroline Kepnes.
London : Simon & Schuster, 2024.
434 pages ; 20 cm
Series title:
TV tie-in.Originally published: 2023.Originally published: New York: Random House, 2023.
9781471191961 (pbk)
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FT Pbk
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