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Thumbnail for Happiness : the crooked little road to semi-ever after

Happiness : the crooked little road to semi-ever after

Harpham, Heather Elise, 1967-2017
'Happiness' begins with a charming courtship between hopelessly attracted opposites: Heather, an out-going, theatre-performing California girl, and Brian, an intellectual New Yorker with an unwavering writing routine. But when Heather falls pregnant, their magical interlude abruptly ends - Brian loves her, only he doesn't want kids. So Heather decides to have their baby alone. Mere hours after Gracie's arrival, Heather's bliss is interrupted when a nurse wakes her with the words 'get dressed, your baby is in trouble'. This is not how Heather had imagined motherhood. As concerns for her health grow, Brian and Heather begin a cautious return to each other. This book transforms heartbreak and parental fears into a lyrical meditation on love and happiness, in all their crooked configurations.
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