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An illustrated introduction to ancient Rome

Ferris, I. M. (Iain M.)2015
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The history of ancient Rome is the history of a city, of its people and of its empire, which at its height encompassed all the lands around the Mediterranean sea and which stretched from Britain in the west to Syria in the east. Roman culture and civilisation was reliant on the wealth created by war and conquest and dependent on slavery. While much of its history can be understood through examining the biographies of its emperors, more still about Rome can be gleaned from looking at the lives of its ordinary citizens and from the archaeological exploration of the very fabric of the city, its civic spaces and monuments, its streets, temples, bars and houses. In this illustrated, accessible introduction to ancient Rome we will examine the myths and historical truths about the founding of Rome and the city's early years and explore the bloody transition of Rome from Republic to Empire.
Stroud, Gloucestershire : Amberley, 2015.
94 pages : illustrations (black and white, and colour), maps (black and white) ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
9781445645650 (pbk)
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